Support me on Patreon, and have your products shot at reduced rates!

Most of you will probably not know this, but I have founded The Artisan Detour a brand new website where I will focus on the creative industries! I’ve wanted to start this website since university, but couldn't think of the perfect name for it back then.

The Artisan Detour is actually version 2.0 of my ‘Your Stories’ project, started back in 2016. It means that I can continue to meet with artists, designers and makers in order to share their stories, something I loved doing whilst at university. But travelling all over England won’t come cheap. In order for me to continue to do this, I need your help!

This is why I created a Patreon only offer. Each month, two lovely customers can get five products shot by myself in my home studio - for just $70 a month! Thats roughly £54 a month, a huge saving from my usual £175 day rate.