#The100DayProject 2018: #100Days100Snapshots Days 1-20

Finally, an update post for #The100DayProject! I started shooting my roll of film on 3rd April when everyone else started creating, and shared the first photo on 24th April. I thought the first 20 days were a success because I managed to carry my camera everywhere and shoot once a day (sometimes breaking my own rules and shooting twice!) but I was glad to find I'd made the effort to actively shoot everyday. Once I'd developed the first roll and looked back on the photos I decided there were only a few I was happy with. While talking to Lea about my disappointment in the project so far, she mentioned that maybe it's because I wasn't inspired to shoot everyday, and she was right. But there was one particular photo, a self-portrait that inspired me to change direction of the project even though it meant there would be less opportunities to shoot, as expected if you move away from documenting every day life. So we'll see how that now goes.

But here are my favourite photos from #The100DayProject 2018:

..and below I'm sharing a quick view of all of the photos from days 1-20: