#The100DayProject 2018: #100Days100Snapshots

Today #The100DayProject begins! This is a project by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson that comes by each year for anyone who loves to create. The idea is simple, you pick something you want to do everyday for 100 days, find the time to do it, and then share it on Instagram and Twitter with the unique hashtag for your project, as well as #The100DayProject to share it with everyone taking part.

100 days // 1 photo a day // 1 entry a day //

100 moments captured...



My project is called #100Days100Snapshots. The idea is that I will take just one photo a day on my film camera starting today, and once the first roll has finished I'll then develop it myself and begin to share on social media. I wanted to wait to shoot on the day the project was starting so that I'm creating at the same time as everyone else, rather than giving myself a head start and shooting beforehand. I think the delay in sharing my photos is important to this project since I'm shooting film, not digital. I'll also be keeping a diary to write memories of the moment I take the photo because lets face it, I'm likely to forget by the time I see the photos for the first time.

I've attempted but failed at taking part in this project a few years ago, but I think the reason for that was not knowing what type of artist I was and lack of direction. This time around I'm more clued up!

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