New Logo Design by Buttercrumble

I'm not usually such a patient person. If I want something I normally want it right away, but with my logo and essentially creating my brand I decided to wait it out for the right designer to come along. That wait was two years long. In fact, before I started working with Buttercrumble I happened to be waiting to work with someone else, but my impatient personality got the better of me, and that's when I decided to get in touch with Buttercrumble to find out how sisters Abigail and Chloe could help me with creating my brand at long last.

New logo by Buttercrumble

I remember when I used to sit and think about how I would want my logo to look and it would be so difficult for me to decide. It all seemed so complicated! How would someone else be able to make sense of what I wanted, if I couldn't make sense of it myself? The words I would narrow my work down to were 'identity' and 'narrative', because that's been the theme I have focused on within my work for a while now. One example of this is shown in the 'Your Stories' project I have worked on for my blog. But in terms of creating an overall design for the logo, in my own mind, it seemed like it would be difficult to achieve.

'Identity' and 'narrative' are also the words I remember describing my work with to Abigail and Chloe when I first spoke to them. I also told them that my work is likely to change from focussing on client work to more art based projects in the future, as I work more and more on my personal projects. Even then I wasn't sure anyone would be able to create something that would work so well with the vision I have of my work, and the last thing I wanted was to feel that I needed to update my logo just a few years later.

Logo design by Buttercrumble

I found working with Buttercrumble very easy right from the start. The designs they were coming back to me with, from initial sketches to digital developments showed a lot of progress each time, and with each email I became more excited to see the designs get closer to the final outcome. As time went on I began to realise how I wanted the designs to be developed according to my own taste, and Buttercrumble did a fab job each time of taking my ideas on board. But then there was a problem... I became torn between two designs near the end! Both designs were totally different, one was the camera and pen design and the other a monogram one. I had no idea which one to go for. It was only after I saw them with colour that the camera logo felt like the perfect fit.

The reason why I felt the camera logo was perfect for my brand was because in its simplest form it captures what I do - photography and writing. It turns out I didn't need to worry about bringing across the idea of 'identity' and 'narratives' in my work, because these two tools are the things I need in order to create. Thinking ahead, the pen that can be seen in the viewfinder can also be seen as a pencil, which then relates to the fact I want to take my work more in an artistic direction, so I don't feel I'll ever outgrow this design.

One thing that I loved the most about working with Buttercrumble is how much of a collaborative approach they took to this project and the level of communication. I liked that if I had an idea they took it on board 100%, but if they felt an idea wouldn't be as successful, I was given alternative ways to incorporate them into the overall design. Once the design was complete. there was also the added touch of being sent a Thank You card which was so lovely!

My logo in colour and monochrome.

My logo in colour and monochrome.

After having such a good experience of working with Abigail and Chloe, I look forward to working with them again in the future. If you're in the market for a new logo I highly recommend you check out the Buttercrumble portfolio for their lovely work.