Degree Show 2017 | School of Art & Design, University of Wolverhampton

The degree show is finally here! Which means that I've made it through three years of my love/hate relationship with the course, and the bonus part is that I'm really happy with the work I've got on display. It's a huge change from work I've done in the first two years of university, which was mainly focussed on fashion. Although I've done projects based on identity in the past, they haven't meant anything to me until now. The change in the personal connection with my projects came in my final year, when I realised I can use my art to share my voice, and now when I look back at my projects from previous years I've found a whole new meaning within them. 

Diary by Yasmin Qureshi

The project on display, called 'Diary', was taken from my 2014 diary entries of a time in my life that was very difficult for me, but it was also a time that marked a change for me. This year long project took a lot out of me because I felt like it had hit a dead end in January after we had our first offsite show at The Works Gallery in Birmingham. At that point this project was based on the diary that I keep right now, but it was also a still life based project where I photographed objects related to what I had written to translate the diary into visual form. I felt the objects at the time were the perfect solution to not sharing what was actually written in my diary, which I didn't feel comfortable with since I didn't want to reveal what my thoughts and feelings about my life are in the present time. This is the reason why I looked back at my past entries, because I knew I'd feel better about making those public, but not entirely. This is why the experimental process became so important. By using the redaction method and printing in the darkroom, I was able to get a result that I couldn't predict at the time.

Diary by Yasmin Qureshi Photography

Overall I've had some great feedback from people who have seen this project on display so far which was a relief since the project means so much to me! It's still strange to experience strangers looking at my work because it makes me wonder what they are thinking and how they are judging the project. I love seeing some people get up close to the prints to read what the entries say. For some reason, this doesn't make me feel uncomfortable at all now.

Artist Statement: 'Diary' is a project from Yasmin's current practice which evolves from a photographic bases and employs interdisciplinary strategies. Many people experience traumatic events that act as 'turning points' in life. One such event provides the bases for Yasmin's experimental work. Using her diary from 2014 (when the event took place) the work explores the tension between revealing and disguising, confiding and concealing. The project consists of seven darkroom prints, created by using a method of redaction and mixed materials. Through the process of photography there is more revealed than intended.

Yasmin Qureshi at the degree show

All seven prints can be viewed on my website here. I am also thinking of making the three prints on display at the degree show available to purchase on my website after they come down from the show.

The degree show is open 9th-21st June 2017 at the School of Art and Design, University of Wolverhampton. If you do go tweet me on @yasminqureshi_ to let me know!