Run Away Moments by Frances B eBook Review

It had been a while since I'd sat and read a good book, but then Fran approached me and asked if I wanted to read a collection of mini adventures from her travels in her first eBook. This offer came at the right time, because my car has been suffering from god-knows-what and Run Away Moments seemed like the perfect getaway I could have asked for.


In Run Away Moments you're going to read all about Fran's travelling experiences, which range from a short trip to Paris, backpacking through various locations including Bangkok, Singapore and Cairns, to living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

Fran's travels begin at the age of twenty two, when she took a short trip to Paris with a friend. Right from the start I was hooked with the anticipation and excitement of what will come from the first adventure Fran was about to take, and something that I loved was that travelling to Paris wasn't all glitz and glamour as I would have usually expected, although the interesting characters more than made up for it. It was great to read about the reality of going to Paris, because as pretty as a place can look in the movies, that's not always true in real life.

Next up, we head across the world with Fran and another friend on some backpacking trips. There's plenty of emotion and even more first time experiences to be had, some of which were quite frightening at times! But all the more reason to read on because I had to see what happens next.

When Fran moves to Melbourne for a year I was able to find out about a different kind of life that people actually live compared to us British folk through Fran's own experiences and the life she'd built up there. I loved reading about this life so much, that I'm now left longing for a year out in Australia myself. 

Fran's move to Melbourne is about the friendships she formed, including a friend she made before she even landed on the other side of the world, all thanks to blogging and the power of the internet. It was great to read all about life in Melbourne. The lifestyle, friendly people and weather all appealed to me. But something that I could relate to the most with Fran came near the end of the book. This was a dream of a better career, and even I got emotional when it was time to say goodbye and move back home, but thankfully it was on to better things for Fran, which I'm looking forward to reading in her next book!

I really enjoyed reading Run Away Moments because it's packed with so much emotion and first time experiences, ones that I felt like I was part of right til the end. Fran's writing is so easy to read, and the pace of the book, from one adventure to another, flows nicely.

If I've left you wanting to run away with Fran too then you can buy Run Away Moments on Amazon.
You can also find out more about Fran and discover more places she's travelled to on her blog.



I want to end this review by saying a big thanks to Fran for letting me do this shoot with her for this post! I travelled up to Manchester to meet with her, and had a great few hours shooting, munching, and discovering the city!