Yasmin Qureshi is a freelance photographer, and an artist who uses photography and writing within her work. She is based in the West Midlands, UK and completed her degree in BA (Hons) Photography at University of Wolverhampton in 2017.

Working as a freelance photographer, her client work includes photographing designers and makers in their studios and product photography. She started working with designers and makers in 2016 during her project, Your Stories, where she photographed and interviewed women who run their own businesses to feature their stories on her blog. Yasmin enjoyed working with these inspirational women so much that she decided she would continue to work with them once her degree had completed in 2017. View Yasmin's client portfolio here.

Yasmin works on multiple personal projects at any one time. Her work begins with a photographic bases, and then she experiments with mixed media to create varied outcomes within her work. You will notice that Yasmin doesn't have a particular style within her work, this is because she is always experimenting and pushing the boundaries, resulting in many different outcomes to her projects. Sometimes they are fun and light-hearted, other times they have a very deep and personal meaning behind them. Themes she is interested in exploring are identity and narrative, be that her own or those of others. View Yasmin's projects here.